About Us

Please take a moment to read about our company. We’ve been around for many years and consider ourselves subject matter experts. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any further questions you may have.

Alfa Job Agency(ALFA) was established to provide companies in the G.T.A. with an alternative to their recruiting requirements in the food, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution industries.

With extensive experience in human resource fields, ALFA has forged close working relationships with several prominent companies. These professional relationships have been carefully developed through solid communication and repetitive client follow-up to ensure consistent client satisfaction.

Since ALFA believes “we are only as good as the quality of personnel we provide”, we take great lengths to ensure that experience and compatibility are the main components when providing our clients with personnel. From our comprehensive written tests to police clearance, ALFA guarantees that any candidate sent to you will meet or exceed your own expectations.

ALFA provide temporary vacation or sick-day relief, temporary-to-permanent employees, and permanent full-time staff for needs requiring extensive knowledge and experience. From middle management and supervisory positions to data entry, general labourers and certified forklift operators, ALFA can provide you with solutions efficiently and affordably.

Many temporary employment agencies provide various positions including warehouse staff and manufacturing personnel, however very few are proficient in industry and offer to provide other positions including secretarial and accounting, thereby, accommodating many positions but offering little expertise in any one field. ALFA offers you that knowledge and expertise.

At ALFA, we provide what we do best – reliable personnel. Our focus is and will continue to be the manufacturing, warehousing, and food industries. We will provide you always with qualified personnel who will make the job done.

Whether you require a couple of labourers to off-load that 40 foot container due to arrive any minute, six certified forklift operators for an afternoon shift, or a warehouse supervisor for a night shift, ALFA will provide you with the service it takes to get the job done right.

ALFA provide its clients with solid, dependable and competent 24 / 7 services, including weekends without any hidden cost or surcharges. We offer more than just a promise, we are there when you need us !

When deadlines are fast approaching and the project needs Immediate attention, call ALFA for instant and reliable service. “Within the-hour” services is our specialty – and our response times are second to none.

ALFA draw from a large pool of resources enabling us to fill orders ranging from one employee to 100 or more, fast and efficiently. Every employee is carefully screened, interviewed, and tested “matching” employees to assignments reducing employee “turnover” and saving you time and money.

As the saying goes, “you must provide good service, to keep good customers”. I believe this and I am always available to my clients, no matter when or why they call me – weekends included!

Experience that matters

Among the many positions ALFA can recruit for, some of the more popular are listed below…

* Warehouse Management
* Operations Management
* Customer Service
* Meat Packaging managers
* Transportation Supervisors
* Safety & Compliance
* Food Industry Supervisors
* Certified Forklift Operators
* Shipper / Receivers
* Labourers / Dockworkers
* Inventory Control
* Data Entry / Clerical / Administrative
* Order Selectors / Packers
* Food Industry Personnel
* Secretaries/ / Receptionist
* Auto Industry Manufacturing Personnel
* Vegetable Processing Personnel

Some of the industries would include…

* Bakeries
* Vegetable Processing
* Manufacturing Operation
* Printing and Publishing Industry
* Packaging Industry
* Courier Services
* Warehousing
* Manufacturer / Distributor
* Meat Packaging Industry
* Metal Manufacturing Industries
* Supply Chain Management